Sansa, your mother would want you to carry on. You know its true.

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Anonymous asked:
Who is Angela Harvey? I never Heard of her before the bitecon...

she’s one of the writers of Teen Wolf

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rad pictures of tyler hoechlin

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So this happened…


And I left it because she clearly told me she was done talking about it and what do you do when you can’t argue with the person anymore?  TAKE IT TO TUMBLR!!!

My main problem with a statement like this is that it seems like she’s saying it to defend herself and her “friends” for the shoddy treatment of storylines revolving around women and people of color on the show.  What it comes off as is “them hoes are just lucky they’re collecting a check.  

It also looks like she’s saying “we’re doing you a favor by recognizing you exist at all, so just be happy that you’re even on the screen” because to come back with the… uhh, da-doy statement of “we could have had all white people in those roles and the story wouldn’t change (which is problematic in and of itself) just smacks of butthurt and is really dismissive.  Even Darren Aronofsky was like “really, sis?”

Think about the aspiring POC and actresses who want to be on your show but know right off the bat that contract is going to be short because you will be killed in some nonsense way. Heck, think about the people currently on your show begging for story-lines and job security.  Y’all already know Danny is scared like a mug with Khylin Rhambo on the callsheet.  

I don’t know what whitewashed shenanigans the future of team wolf holds but I guess I’ll be here for it.  Sigh.



those people that u love so much and want to talk to them all the time but u feel like ur annoying them


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this town needs someone to protect it

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Observe actor Dylan O’Brien’s horror-struck expression as director Wes Ball talks about the one time a crew member got bit by a baby rattlesnake while working on the set of “The Maze Runner.” (That’s writer James Dashner giving Dylan a comforting pat after Wes finishes the story.) [x]

Stiles Stilinski Meme ↦ 1/2 Favorite Plaid Shirts
3x02 Chaos Rising

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